5 Examples of PLR Content

What is PLR?

Most folks who purchase plr know that plr stands for Private Label Rights material, I am not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence here, but there are many people that never even heard of PLR before and need to understand…

what is plr?

Simply put, PLR is content that is licensed and sold by the author or authorized re-sellers, which you can use for personal use, assume authorship and use in multiple ways online and off. I am painting what plr is, with a broad brush, but it is what it is.
What makes plr, popular is you don’t have to spend the time coming up with content idea’s or doing a bunch of research on certain topics in your niche which takes a lot of time, and time is cash, to a lot of users of private label rights material.

Where does plr Come from?

PLR, private label rights, was created by Jimmy D. Brown, back in 2001, when he introduced to his membership site profit vault monthly, with “Products in the Rough.”  These PLR products were a smash to say the least, and once Jimmy, named this kind of licensing content an entire new kind of resale rights industry was born.

5 examples of PLR Content

For those that have never seen PLR, basically, it is in the form of content.

  1. Article Format: This is generally the main format you will find PLR, such as an article or blog post. But you can also find them formatted for list marketing content that has been formatted to 60-65 characters.
  2. Audio format: Is popular among podcasters, bloggers, and even resale rights vendors. This is where a plr author records content and sales them to others in mp3 format. Of course if a transcript is made available, you can easily record your own voice or edit the content using software such as audacity.
  3. Video Format: As more and more people get comfortable with editing videos, the more in demand video plr becomes. Just like it’s cousin “audio,” video editing is even more simple by adding extra content to the beginning, middle and end of a video.
  4. Ebook Format: Most people that purchase plr love eBook PLR, because they can easily be broken up into articles, blog posts, video content for a series of videos, and adding images plus an ebook cover will definitely make it more unique.
  5. Image format: Speaking about images, image format is just as popular as any other format, simply because many marketers use images not only for content, but social media, eBooks, blog’s, video’s and banners. All you need it a program such as Gimp, Adobe elements, or you can use the free image editing programs such as Canva.com or Pixler.com and a little imagination.
Now that you know what PLR is and have a good idea from the 5 examples listed above now it is time to turn your attention on how to Maximize your plr content.

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