5 Tips for Finding Quality PLR

5 Tips Finding Quality PLR

PLR can be addictive. It seems that once you start using PLR content it is hard to stop using it simply because it make creating content easy.

The problem with PLR is that you will need more and more to keep yourself and your audience satisfied. Point is, you need a lot of PLR content. And that’s why you need to know these five tips for uncovering all the PLR content you could ever want…

1. Find known, reputable PLR vendors.

You’ve probably heard about some of the bigger, more well-known PLR sites on the internet. Usually these are your reputable sites, run by vendors who’re known for offering high-quality private label rights content.

One such example of an established site run by a reputable marketer is Ron Killian and his site The PLR Store dot com, (You can find it in the side bar on this blog.) I have purchased several niche specific products from him that I have used in various ways. His site isn't specific to one kind of niche, but several. If you need quality content of various kinds, be sure to check out "The PLR Store," today. If you are looking for more than one vendor be sure to check my resource page for more info.

2.  Forum marketplaces .

Generally, forums that appeal to online marketers tend to have PLR vendors selling their wares on the site, as allowed. In some cases, you can uncover these vendors by asking for recommendations for reputable PLR vendors on the forum. In other cases, the forums have marketplaces where vendors showcase their wares.

However, niche specific forums such as Dog Training, health and wellness, or realestate forums that have a marketplace are prime for a good plr vendor. Check your  nich forum terms and conditions to see if you can sell or find your niche specific plr vendor.

Forums with marketplaces include www.warriorforum.com, www.digitalpoint.com and www.sitepoint.com.

LIke forums, FaceBook, is another good place to find quality PLR vendors. FB is like Mcdonalds, a Gazillion of people from all walks of life are on FB. Conduct a search for your niche PLR, pages and groups, and I am sure you will find several places to like and join. Think Billions & Billions served.

3. Simple Search.

Here’s a tried and true way to find almost any kind of PLR content you need: Run a  search with your favorite search engine such as Bing, Goolge, or Yahoo.

For best results, you should search for a variety of both niche-related terms alongside a variety of PLR-related terms.

Example: Suppose you’re looking for dog training PLR. You might search for:

Dog training PLR articles
Housetraining PLR
Obedience training PLR ebooks
Puppy training private label rights

…And so on, mixing and matching these terms to uncover plenty of PLR vendors.

Tip: Be sure to look at the sponsored Google ads that run along the right side of the regular search results.

4.  eBay.

Unfortunately, some of the PLR content you buy on eBay isn’t the highest quality. That’s because eBay.com tends to be the “Garage sale” of PLR content, with prices (and quality) to match.

Nonetheless, sometimes you can snag a great deal, which is why it’s worth checking out from time to time.

5. Make an offer.

Here’s a PLR acquisition strategy that’s rarely used and hardly ever talked about. Basically, the idea is to seek out good content in your niche and make an offer to the creator.

Now, you’re obviously not going to get an author with a wildly profitable product to give up the rights to his cash cow. Instead, you need to look for the person who creates good content, yet doesn’t have the marketing skills to sell it. And one such place to look is on Clickbank.com.

Simply run a search for the type of content you’re looking for (such as “dog training”). Then scroll to the LAST few pages of results. Look for products on these pages with low gravity and/or other signs that the product isn’t selling well.

Example: Maybe the sales letter is poor, or too many holes that affiliate traffic can slip away from.  Maybe it’s clear the person can’t drive traffic. Just be sure the product is solid. If it is, then approach the creator with your offer.

So now you know how to find good-quality private label rights content. The next question is, what are you going to do with what you just learned about finding quality PLR?

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