5 ways to Maximize your PLR

How to use PLR         

Basically, PLR can be used any way you want it to. Of course you need to check your license from the author to find out what you can and can not do with the PLR you purchase from that particular vendor, in it’s current state.
Here is my top  list  of how to use plr for maximum benefit.

 5 ways to Maximize your PLR

1 1. Re-Write the content:Regardless of the format your plr content comes in, you should re-write the content at least 50 percent. That means change the title, rewrite the introduction, conclusion and add your keywords if you are formatting for SEO purposes.

2. Add a story to the content
IF you are familiar to your niche you probably have plenty of stories that you can share with your audience about the subject at hand. BY adding a story you will let your defenses down and your audieance will get to know you a little more. The more your readers know about you the more they will trust and like you. Don’t be afraid to add a good story.
   3.Tweak the content so it is relevant to current events
There are many vendors that sell their plr content for years. That means you not only don’t know how many licenses have been sold (hence re-writing your content,) but the material maybe out of date. That is why you should check the research and remove any old out of date content. Then re-write new relevant content in its place.
  4.   Give your PLR a different slant
PLR has enormous potential if you just learn how to tweak the slants of existing content. A slant is the direction the content takes. For example, one slant could be "The Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: the Fastest Way to lower cholesterol," while another one might tout the dangers of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, in your diet.
  5.   Repurpose
Repurposing content just means changing the format or re-writing your content to make it different from the original. For instance you can take excerpts from your existing niche content and repurpose that content into a free eBook, video, Audio product.

You have just learned how Private label rights can be the tool you need to help you keep a continual flow of good information positioning you as an expert - without you having to do a lot of extra work.

Good content requires brainstorming of ideas and slants, researching facts and developing opinions, and crafting it all in a well-organized manner that's easily digestible to your audience.  That is how to Maximize PLR. 

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