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Recently,  I have notice marketers on forums venting about how there marketing isn't working or they are not making as much money or No money at all.

The biggest complaint; the economy. 

When I hear a statement like that, it makes me cringe.
Recently, on the Warrior Forum I ran across this thread "Quit my job to pursue this, no views and no sales"

I think I made my point.

Help Me Please, I Rather someone else Do It For Me   

There are new marketers out there that are wanting something for nothing. They don't want to spend money in order to learn the basics. They would rather have you tell them in the forum, step by step, on how to do it.
Although valid as it may be, there is no way, that you can actually give someone a step by step blue print to making money that is guaranteed to work. The thread would longer than a ladder to the moon. It's impractical.
Even if this did happen, would they implement the information and actually do anything with it?
Let's look at an example of this:

On most (not all) of our computers we have a hard drive full of products that you have and have not even read all the way through or used since they were purchased. Right?

What about PLR content? 

Have you used any of them? If I were to guess, it would probably be around 15% to 25% of purchasers that have actually read or used the product they have purchased in the last two years, and maybe... Maybe, 2% of you that have actually put the information into action.

In a way, this post is a Test. that's right, a Test and in a few moments I will explain what I mean by a test. Or if you are very sharp, you might just figure it out on your own.
No peaking :)) This is basic, its practical and it's vital to the success of any extraordinary Internet Business and not only business but an extraordinary life as well.
Okay, your wait is over So, here it is...

Focused Masterywith PLR
Once you are ready to start a business online, most of us search for a niche that you believe that you will make a ton of money in or a bit of celebrity and then you try to get authority. Then after about 90 days, you feel that you might have made a mistake about the niche chosen because you are not seeing any results.

Then you begin losing interest in this niche as you begin looking for another for the same reasons that you started working in the first niche. Now you are following in a cycle that is non-productive, financially unstable and soon you will end up throwing in the towel. All because you are UN-focused and really UN-interested in your niche.

First off, you need to find a niche that you are passionate about. You need to have so much passion for this niche that you would do what you do for free.

This niche could be anything, copywriting, marketing, mountain climbing, cleaning, what-ever...

I was a writer before I got online. I spent most of my youth and adult life learning how to write. Reading books about writing and various other sub categories of writing by top writers at the time in each field I was interested in pursuing.

Writers such as Stephen King, Sid Field and many others. I even spent whole summers worth of allowance and news paper sales money for a weekend screen writers boot camp conducted by Sid Field, when I was 13 years old.

The fact that I am still doing these things regardless of whether I am making money at it or not, That's passion.
Now, when I found out about copy writing 12+ years ago, I found that I had a passion for it.
I studied it. I exercised copy writing, like Charles Atlas, worked out. I did it every day and still do. I focus on it.

Here is you're mastery part of focused:

When I am researching or writing I am completely laser focused on the task at hand. I am not mufti-tasking. I have never seen a painter, with a brush in one hand and a scrapper in another, have you? When you are mufti-tasking, you are really just spinning your wheels.
You may think you are getting a lot done but you really aren't.
When I am writing, I get so focused on the work that I get completely immersed.
Everything is tuned out, I am seeing in my minds eye, where I am at on the page and four or five paragraphs ahead.
My wife hates it when I am in this zone, because she can't hardly get my attention without throwing something at me.

I can literally spend hours in this zone.

Focused Mastery, is like when you take a magnifying glass and focus the sun rays through the lens on to some dry straw, grass or even cotton balls, and within a few moments that focused energy will become a fire.

That is the type of Focused Mastery you need with your business. Clear, Specific and compelling.

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